When the Time is Right,

Orange County is Ready to Open Safely and Responsibly


Cassandra Garr, The Grand Legacy Hotel

There is a misconception that the closure of Disneyland Resort is only impacting a large corporation when the reality is that thousands of small businesses rely on the California tourism industry for their livelihood. Join Cassandra Garr from The Grand Legacy Hotel as she shares the impacts of the Anaheim Resort closure on her family’s business. 

“We’re on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Dara Maleki- Pizza Press

Karmel Shuttle Service, Mike Afram

When the Disneyland Resort closed in March, Mike Afram of Karmel Shuttle Service faced the most difficult day of his life: losing most of his business and his employees.

Big Bertha’s Pizza, Jocelyn Campos

Jocelyn manages her family’s business, Big Bertha’s Pizza, which has served Anaheim for 24 years. Since March, they have struggled to keep their doors open. If Disneyland Resort remains closed, Jocelyn’s family could be forced to lose everything they have worked so hard for.

Castle Inn, Bharat Patel

“I don’t think we can hold on much longer.” Since Castle Inn, across the street from Disneyland Resort, closed in March, Bharat has faced incredibly difficult days for his business and the livelihood of his employees.

Subway, Rick Cerney

Subway by Disneyland Resort went from being the highest-performing Subway location in Orange County to the lowest. Hear from manager Rick about why it is so important to get the resort area of Anaheim reopened.

Tourism is the engine of our local economy and the current theme park health and safety guidelines close our most valuable assets for the foreseeable future. While we understand the need to protect public health during a pandemic, we are asking you to revisit the current guidelines while taking into account the need for a long-term solution; that means fair and sustainable guidelines that balance health and safety with economic recovery.

There are 142,000 people out of work across Orange County with more losing their jobs every day. Countless small businesses remain closed, some permanently, while local governments lose millions in tax revenue every week.

Our regional businesses and government agencies have been thoughtful and strategic investing heavily in infrastructure, safety protocols and operational training to ensure the health and welfare of employees, residents and visitors. Many other elements of our economy including beaches, museums, zoos and other tourist attractions are allowed to open in the Orange or Moderate Tier, and the equivalent should be allowed for theme parks. 

The ReOpenOCNow Coalition and our supporters are confident that, when the time is right, our regional theme parks and neighboring businesses will adhere to fair and sustainable guidelines and open safely and responsibly.

Ready to Take Action?

Our elected leaders need to hear your voice. You can help by clicking here too and sending this letter to Governor Newsom and the Orange County Board of Supervisors to move ahead, when the time is right, with the full accelerated re-opening of Stage 3 businesses

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